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When you’re visiting Birmingham, you don’t always want to stay in a hotel that is going to break the bank. Finding a cheap hotel is easy if you know where to look as some hotels are out of the way and can cost you even more to get from the centre of Birmingham to where your hotel actually is!

My top 3 budget hotels are all in or near the centre of Birmingham! Whether you want to stay in a thriving area or a quieter, out of the way hotel, Birmingham has a lot of variation to offer. Below are my top three cheap hotels and that is due to experience and also due to their ratings!

The Ibis hotel in Birmingham

The Ibis hotel is well known for its clean, affordable rooms! Ibis hotels are dotted all around the country and are mostly used for the younger generation as it is right in the centre of Birmingham and it is close to all of the popular places, such as the Arcadian.

The Ibis hotel rooms are always clean and tidy and are very modern. At the Ibis, you can even stay for as little as £30 a night and that is for a three-bedroom hotel room! With my experiences at this hotel, the staff have always been friendly and the rooms have always given me a comfy night sleep!

The Britannia Hotel in Birmingham

If you’re looking for a cheap, comfy and stylish hotel in the heart of Birmingham city, then the Britannia Hotel is the perfect choice for you! Within walking distance of the famous Bullring shopping centre and just seconds from some of the world’s most famous restaurants, the Britannia Hotel sits proudly amongst the hustle and bustle of Birmingham.

With 214 hotel rooms, all furnished beautifully with a suite and big comfy beds, the Britannia hotel is an affordable, luxury hotel made for anybody. This hotel offers everything, from food to being so close to places that you may need (like the New Street Train Station) it is in the best location possible.

The Hampton Hotel in Birmingham

If you are looking for a convenient, modern and comfortable place to stay when visiting Birmingham, the Hampton Hotel is the right choice. With the hotel being a five-minute walk from the famous areas such as, Brindley place, the Bullring, New Street Train station and many more, it is ideal for those looking to stay in the centre of Birmingham.


Wherever you decide to stay in Birmingham, make sure you choose the right hotel at the right price! These three hotels are perfect for that comfy, affordable night’s sleep and you won’t be disappointed staying in them.

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